2022 is the year that we decided to step up our trance journey and form 303 Division, we had stellar ideas that needed to be realized and we felt that we were ready to help others along their journey and try our best to give every trance song out there the attention it deserves.


We are passionate about music, but what really makes our heart tick is trance, especially old school.  As trance producers ourselves, we understand what drives you to wake up every day and produce epic trance.

Trance has always been more about passion than sales and in our opinion, that’s how it should be. Passion is the driving force behind creativity and we believe, adjusting your creativity to make it fit the mainstream sector will take the soul out of it.

Are we looking to be the biggest player in the business?  Definitely not.  We want to be that friendly and professional helping hand that always replies to emails and is happy to listen to new music no matter if it’s for release or not. We are not here to compete with others labels or services.  We are here to bring our experience to the table and to be a part of uniting the trance community.

If we are not the perfect fit for you, we will be more than happy to help you find the right provider for your needs.

We have more than 100 years of collective experience in producing all genres of trance and have a big network of Djs, promotors, bookers, art people etc among us.

We started this primarily to serve our own needs and now we would like to share what we have learned so far on this journey with others and also learn from all of you talented producers out there.

Our goal is to be a one stop shop label catering to all your needs as a producer.  From an all inclusive release to a pick and mix shop where you can get help with just distribution, promotion, artwork, epic merch or anything else you might be looking for.

As all old ravers, we love good club gear, so we said why not make our own?  And here it is. Limited runs and high quality are our focus when it comes to merch.  Keep your eyes on our social media so you don’t miss a drop.

303 Division is all about Trance.