Ghost Production Standard


Official 303 Division Services


We’re Not Just Experts…

While our 150 years of combined INHOUSE music production experience is what translates into our high-quality tracks, it’s not just about that for us. We LOVE what we do, and we’re passionate about helping you realize your music dreams.


Our Specialties’

We’re pretty experienced with most, but our expertise really shines with trance (vocal/melodic/uplifting), psy trance, full on, progressive, techno, soundtracks, and drone flying music.


What To Expect

After we receive some information from you, in just 14 days, you’ll receive a flawless, release-ready track mixed and mastered to industry standards. This track is delivered as an HQ wav + HQ Mp3 file of approximately 5-7 minutes, depending on the genre. You’ll even get a radio edit as a bonus!



You will fully own this track and can release it under your name, collect 100% of the royalties, and you will NEVER have to credit us. Although you’re welcome to share your success with us at any time – when you’re happy, we’re thrilled!


Important: Please note that we do not provide recorded vocals in the standard production. If you’d like custom vocals, we recommend looking at the “Custom Gig.” You are welcome to bring your own vocals, or we can use cleared samples.