Hardcoaler – Chernobyl Diaries EP


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Chernobyl Diaries EP

Track 1: Мирный атом (Peaceful Atom)

Artist: Hardcoaler

Length: 04:38

Track 2: Reactor (Реактор Mix)

Artist: Hardcoaler

Length: 04:27

Track 3: Meltdown

Artist: Hardcoaler

Length: 04:50

Track 4: Nuclear Winter

Artist: Hardcoaler

Length: 04:44

Format: EP

Release date: March 13, 2021

Label: 303 Division

Description: From dark and diabolical to light and fluffy in 4 track EP. Balancing on the edge of Techno and Trance bonding them tightly together with a mix of Russian and English vocals. Edging on being warehouse it is one of Hardcoaler’s most appreciated albums.