Saekone – Underground Foundation


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Underground Foundation

Track 1: Underground Foundation [Original Mix]

Artist: Saekone

Length: 05:49

Track 2: Underground Foundation [Techflex Remix]

Artist: Saekone, Techflex

Length: 05:16

Track 3: Underground Foundation [Venz Remix]

Artist: Saekone, Venz

Length: 06:37

Format: EP

Release date: March 20, 2023

Label: 303 Division


This time around the Techno label Search4Sound has teamed up with 303 Division to bring you “Underground Foundation”.

This track packs high energy.  With an awesome breakdown/build up in the middle of the track.  Saekone’s signature “Space Acid” sound is sure to keep your dancefloor and audience fired up.

Techflex and Venz are on remix duty.  Injecting their own style into the track.  Techflex’ remix brings underground vibes, while Venz’ remix brings a slightly more aggressive feel to the track.  The original version with remixes are sure to augment your DJ playlist.